The scorned domestic players with deluxe performances

Since the T20 leagues, other cricket tournaments have been hyped, the domestic arena is out of concern.

Undoubtedly, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is giving an upper hand to this circuit, but the fanfare created for the leagues has diminished domestic players’ chances to gain the limelight.

We have seen for the past few years, the contestants get their places booked in the national squad after being limelight in such competitions.

Notably, there are numerous top-notched players that can fulfill the damaged vacancies in the national squad but again, they are overpowered by the hyped players.

Some areas that Pakistan Cricket lack in are not hidden from the fans and analysts’ eyes. The men in green often collapse at the top-order and the mid-order woes remain constant with no power hitter available to stable the score.

Also, the seized area in the bowling line-up by the fast bowlers is almost giving nothing but a few and rare wickets with a quick need for spinners.

Also, in the last few years, Pakistan are facing the B or junior international teams hence, the strength of the current green crew remains unjudged.

As Pakistan are currently on their tours of West Indies and England, the men in maroon and Babar Azam chaps are down and dusted with the first Test.

The results were not much special for the visitors as despite trying, the West Indies won just by a wicket.

It must be a ‘what if’ situation for the captain and the selectors but it indeed is the clock to re-think the selection alongside justifying it. Are not the top-notched domestic players awaited for their international calls after the years of outstanding performances?

Kamran Ghulam, Agha Salman, Bismillah Khan, Aamer Yamin, Usman Salahuddin, Omar Bin Yousuf are a few of the fantastic players who have given climax of fantastic moments to the domestic watchers. Some of them are once again proving in Kashmir Premier League’s prime version.

Discussing Ghulam, he got some realization among the fans after a bombastic domestic season recently. The all-rounder with pro spinning tactics has bagged 25 and 54 wickets in 31 and 43 first-class and List A matches sequentially – He has grasped 2413 and 1172 runs demonstrating his worth with the bat.

Bismillah, the wicketkeeping batter, has accumulated 3426 and 2155 runs in 75 and 88 First-Class, List A games owning 181 and 145* as his highest scores respectively.

Yamin can neither be neglected with 2217 and 948 runs in the formats mentioned in sequence in the above two paragraphs with his HS of 225 and 73. The all-rounder also has yielded 142 and 72 wickets in 53 and 60 FC, List A rivalries.

Agha Salman, one of the mentioned players, owns similar performances. Although he has been named in the ODI squad vs England 2021, but should have been called up vs the West Indies Test series with 3656, 1335 runs in 62, 57 FC, List A matches alongside 80 and 58 wickets.

Usman Salahuddin among all could have been an ideal choice to fix the mid-order woes as he has over 8000 runs in FC cricket adjoining 2673 in 80 List-A battles with HS of 219* and 111* averaging over 50 in both.

These performances are worth discussing and mentioning to let the selectors have an inward eye upon them. Moreover, they could have been crucial versus the West Indies adding a pile of runs in two crumpled innings alongside dominating the field, bowl departs.

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